Fall walk through Walden Woods around Walden Pond

Enjoy a walk around Walden Pond through the woods. Listen to the water below and the birds and planes above, the sound of the train rushing by and the highway traffic in the distance. It’s all part of the soundscape in the Walden Woods! This video also pauses to look out at the pond so you can take in the scenery and see all of Walden’s blue and green colors. Happy trails!


Sit by Walden Pond and Watch the Sunrise in Fall


Take a moment to sit by Walden Pond in the crisp fall morning and watch the mist slowly rising from the water as the sun comes up. Listen to the birds waking up in the dawn chorus, the grass whistling in the breeze, and the water lapping at the pond’s edge. This video was recorded at dawn (around 7 a.m.) on October 18, 2017.


Spring Walk through Walden Woods around the Pond


The soundscape at Walden Pond includes more than the pond itself: it includes the surrounding woods, marsh grasses, and even the train tracks nearby. Listen to the dawn chorus in Walden Woods: hear all the morning song birds welcome the sunrise, the geese landing on the pond during their migration north, the squirrels in the leaves, the wind waving over the tops of branches, and the wings of a blue jay flying over the path. Notice the difference between winter and spring, how Walden comes alive after the snow thaws. The sounds and images for this stop-motion animated sound walk were taken just after dawn in May 2017.


A Winter Walk around Walden Pond


You may wish to watch the video with your eyes open, or occasionally close your eyes and let your ears do the work. Immerse yourself in the quiet winter at Walden Pond. Listen for bird songs competing with neighboring traffic, leaves rustling in the wind, the distant voices of hikers on the trails, and, my favorite, at the end: the sound of a blue jay singing and flying up into the branches of a tree. The sounds and images for this stop-motion animated video were collected in early February 2017, just after a snow storm.

Coming Soon: Summer Walk

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